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Till There Was You – Lynn Kurland

The last rays of sunlight sparkled against a ruined castle that stood in the midst of rolling hills, sweetly singing streams, and roads still dusted with the last of a winter’s snow. A lone man strode through the castle gates as the sun set. He wasn’t unused to the chill of a long winter, yet […]

Stardust of Yesterday – Lynn Kurland

“Damn you, man!” Kendrick of Artane exclaimed. “Have you no idea who I am?” Matilda’s lover looked at him blandly. “I know perfectly well who you are. It hardly matters, as your illustrious father is not here to save you.” “He will have your head for this,” Kendrick spat, his pale green eyes blazing. “You […]

A Dance Through Time – Lynn Kurland

COME TO ME.” His deep voice echoed in the stillness of the great hall. He held out his hands, waiting. She looked at the man standing before her, a warrior tall and powerfully fashioned. The firelight from the huge hearth played over the rugged features of his face, glinted of his long, dark hair, turned […]

The Prince of Souls – Lynn Kurland

When a man was facing death, his mind naturally became consumed with questions of a profound and pressing nature, such as why pursuing his favorite things— murder, mischief, and mayhem—should result in the most fatal of the three being perpetrated upon his own poor self. Acair of Ceangail leaned his head back against the weeping […]

Star of the Morning – Lynn Kurland

Adhémar, king of Neroche, nodded to himself over the thought, though he suspected that nothing so exciting would actually come to pass. He was out for a simple jaunt along his northern borders, not a pitched battle. Indeed, it had been so long since he’d encountered any trouble that it seemed that the only thing […]

The White Spell – Lynn Kurland

Murder, mischief, mayhem. Those were the sorts of things that he dealt in. The business of dogooding . . . well, it just didn’t agree with his digestion. Acair of Ceangail, son of the most powerful and, admittedly, most unpleasant black mage still darkening the doorways of the Nine Kingdoms, looked at the pair of […]

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