Tag: Lynn Shannon

Calculated Risk – Lynn Shannon

Her cell phone rang. Addison Foster glanced at the clock on her computer, concern rippling through her. It was close to midnight. Too late for a run-of-the-mill call. She scooped the cell from the desk in her home office. Chloe McCormick’s name flashed on the screen. As a family law attorney for domestic abuse survivors, […]

Ranger Faith – Lynn Shannon

He was going to kill her. Emilia Sanchez ran through the woods, her bare feet slipping over the pine needles and leaves. Her calf burned from a stab wound. Rope dangled from one wrist and the cuts on her forearm were bleeding. Frigid air sank into her skin. Her blouse and skirt were little protection […]

Ranger Courage – Lynn Shannon

Thunder rumbled, deep enough to rattle the windows on the patrol car, and the first sprinkles of rain scattered in the wind. Avery Madison calculated she had five minutes to make it home before the storm broke. As luck would have it, one of the perks of being Harrison University’s Chief of Police was a […]

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