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Virginia and the Wolf – Lynne Connolly

Virginia, Lady Dulverton, glanced up from her book and scowled. That cherub was definitely out of place. Rising, she went to the mantelpiece to straighten it. She’d never liked the thing. Somebody had exerted all their skill to make the outrageously expensive and ugly figurine. It scowled at her. She scowled back and laughed a […]

Wild Lavender – Lynne Connolly

The maid stood back to admire her handiwork. “There, my lady. You look perfect.” Helena stared doubtfully at the stranger in the mirror. “Thank you. You are dismissed. I wish for a few moments to compose myself.” The maid bobbed a curtsey and backed away. An angry yowl made her shriek, and then she bent […]

The Making of a Marquess – Lynne Connolly

Benedict Thorpe, Lord Brocklebank, heir to the mighty marquessate of Belstead, braced himself against shivering, despite the chill of the early morning. This April had been wet and cold. Today would be no exception. The people standing around would think he was afraid. He was not. Not one bit. Already in his shirtsleeves, facing his […]

The Girl with the Pearl Pin – Lynne Connolly

Phoebe North was about to experience the most romantic episode of her life. Quite unexpectedly too. The Duke of Leomore, “Call me Leo,” leaned into her with the evident intention of fastening his mouth to hers. And Phoebe, surprised but completely in agreement, prepared for the onslaught. Then merry hell exploded outside the secluded grotto […]

Sinless – Lynne Connolly

Like most houses in London, Mother Fleming’s House appeared small from the outside. However, looks were deceiving, as Andrew Graham had reason to know. He recognized features from his own establishment, but he lived half a mile away, and his house did not have the reputation of Mother Fleming’s. The building blazed with the light […]

Fearless – Lynne Connolly

Charlotte spared her betrothed a glance but took care not to linger. People might notice her looking. Val was talking animatedly to a group of friends, standing at the rear of the garden. As if he felt her regard, he turned his attention to her and returned her look, the corner of his mouth tilting […]

Dauntless – Lynne Connolly

Spring, 1756 Lady Drusilla Shaw bent over her work, growing ever more engrossed in the story she was telling. Her sense of time and place disappeared, as it always did when she was in her own world. Since childhood, she’d let her vivid imagination hold sway over reality, finding solace in the work. Being the […]

Boundless – Lynne Connolly

Adrian slumped against the squabs of the hackney cab as it set off from his house in King Street. Correction—Ophelia’s King Street house. He’d already had the deeds put in her name, but she’d generously given him another day to quit the premises. In the shadows of the vehicle, he grinned. A house was a […]

A Trace of Roses – Lynne Connolly

June 1756 “SUCH A WASTE!” Several people turned away from watching the orchestra and dancers to stare at Dorcas as she gazed at the abundance of flowers decorating the Rotunda at Ranelagh Gardens. Their stares didn’t deter her, but she lowered her voice. If they were enjoying the music, good luck to them. “They’ll be […]

A Touch of Silver – Lynne Connolly

ANNİE CATHCART SNATCHED the spoon from her eldest son’s hand seconds before he smashed it over the head of son number two. “William, you’ll hurt him,” she scolded, as she restored the silverware to the table. The boy pouted. “He hurt me. He threw it at me.” William was far too advanced for his five […]

A Hint of Starlight – Lynne Connolly

LADY DAMARİS DERSİNGHAM paused and gazed around her. Standing in the ballroom during a prestigious society ball wasn’t all it was supposed to be. As a child, she’d dreamed of this, but now all she wanted to do was get away. “Face them down,” she’d told her sisters, but she was the one ready to […]

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