Tag: Lynne St. James

SEAL’s Sky – Lynne St. James

“Another fucking dead end. How the hell does he stay ahead of us?” Drew “Murph” Murphy sighed in exasperation. His impatience echoed that of the rest of the team. Four leads, four missions and they still hadn’t captured Azfaar, the slippery son of a bitch. The ex-Taliban terrorist managed to evade capture for almost a […]

Gwen’s Delta – Lynne St. James

“Don’t ignore me, Gwen. I’m serious. You spend way too much time working. You need to go on a date or at least out with your friends—something. If you keep this up, you’ll turn into an old maid,” Rebecca Dedmond remarked as she tapped her foot. Gwen Dedmond couldn’t ignore her grandmother if she wanted […]

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