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Meant to Be Immortal – Lynsay Sands

Mac had just finished setting up his centrifuge when he caught a whiff of what smelled like smoke. He lifted his head and inhaled deeply; there were the astringent cleaner he’d used on the counter surfaces, various chemical and other scents he couldn’t readily identify that were coming from the boxes he had yet to […]

Highland Treasure – Lynsay Sands

The soft jingle of keys stirred Elysande from a fitful sleep. Curled up on the damp, dirt floor, and facing the stone wall, she couldn’t see who was approaching, but didn’t particularly care. It would either be de Buci or one of his men, come to drag her up into the great hall to beat […]

Vampires Are Forever – Lynsay Sands

“You’ll be flying over in one of the company jets. It should be ready and waiting by the time we get to the airport.” Thomas Argeneau nodded, but his attention was on the clothes he was ripping from hangers in his walk-in closet and shoving into his knapsack. Etienne watched briefly and then burst out, […]

Vampire, Interrupted – Lynsay Sands

Marguerite wasn’t sure what woke her; a sound perhaps, or the crack of light from the bathroom being momentarily blocked, or maybe it was simply an instinct for survival that dragged her from sleep. Whatever caused it, she was alert and tense when she blinked her eyes open and spotted the dark shape above her. […]

Under a Vampire Moon – Lynsay Sands

“I don’t see any tables,” Carolyn said, glancing over the busy open-air restaurant. “We can sit at the bar,” her friend, Bethany, said with a shrug. When Carolyn frowned, she rolled her eyes, and caught her arm to drag her toward the bar, adding, “We’ll move to a table as soon as one opens up. […]

The Rogue Hunter – Lynsay Sands

Warm summer air swam over Tanya as she stepped out into the night. It was cooler than it had been earlier in the day, but still hot compared to the air-conditioned coffee shop. She sucked in the humid air as she started across the pavement, her eyes moving around the nearly empty parking lot, noting […]

The Lady is a Vamp – Lynsay Sands

“Last day, Fred,” Jeanne Louise commented, offering a smile to the guard as she approached the security station. The mortal man had worked the exit of the science division of Argeneau Enterprises for nearly five years now and was being rotated out to another area to prevent him from noticing that many members of the […]

The Immortal Hutner – Lynsay Sands

“What’s taking so long?” Decker Argeneau Pimms glanced up from a very bored contemplation of his twiddling thumbs at that question from Garrett Mortimer. He watched the fair-haired enforcer pace back and forth in front of him twice before saying, “I’m sure they’ll be done soon.” When Mortimer merely grunted and continued to pace, Decker […]

Tall, Dark and Hungry – Lynsay Sands

“The chicken’s very good.” Bastien watched with amusement as Kate C. Leever scraped up a forkful of the Poulet au Citron she’d ordered and held it to his brother Lucern’s lips. He was even more amused when his brother opened his mouth to accept the bite of food, murmured in appreciation, then chewed and swallowed. […]

Single White Vampire – Lynsay Sands

“Rachel swears she never wants to see another coffin as long as she lives.” Lucern grunted at his mother’s comment as he and his younger brother Bastien set the coffin down on the basement floor. He knew all about his soon-to-be sister-in-law’s new aversion; Etienne had explained everything. That was why he was storing the […]

One Lucky Vampire – Lynsay Sands

“Last day of this assignment.” Jake nodded silently, but didn’t look at Dan Shephard, the blond man at his side and his partner for this job. Instead, Jake’s eyes were busily sliding over the crowd that had gathered around the hotel entrance where their client stood answering questions. It was supposed to look like a […]

Love Bites – Lynsay Sands

Pudge squinted through the scope of his rifle. Not just any rifle. A Tac Ops Tango 51, the ultimate tactical precision rifle. It weighed 10.8 pounds, was 44.3 inches long and had a guaranteed accuracy of .25 MOA. Its stock incorporated a semiwide beavertail— He paused in his mental recitation of the Tac Ops catalog […]

Immortal Ever After – Lynsay Sands

Valerie’s eyes blinked open to darkness. For a moment she was disoriented and wondered what had woken her, but then she became aware of footsteps overhead. She lay still and listened as someone puttered in the kitchen at the top of the stairs, but tensed when the footsteps paused and she heard the slide and […]

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