Tag: M. A. Nichols

The Jack of All Trades – M. A. Nichols

The study did not boast a grand view of the grounds around Dewbourne, but trees and grass were a vast improvement to barracks and the press of the city. Not that Deal was bustling compared with London, Liverpool, or Manchester, but it was busier than this quiet corner of Sussex. That town was little more […]

Hearts Entwined – M. A. Nichols

A noisy and boisterous ballroom was the height of rudeness; though lively conversation and music were expected at such a gathering, a lady of breeding ought never to engage in loud talking or raucous laughter. Occasionally, a genteel titter was permissible, but frequent outbursts were unbecoming. Or so Sophia Banfield’s stalwart governess had taught. Clearly, […]

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