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The Love and Temptation Series – M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

I t would be a long time before Honoria Honeyford, Honey to her family and friends, could forgive Amy Wetherall. Up until the day Amy and her family arrived to take up residence in the town of Kelidon, Honey had ruled the roost. All the gentlemen of the neighborhood called on Honey and seemed to […]

The Ladies in Love Series – M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

One more household chore to do and then she would have the rest of Sunday to prepare for her first job. And she had the house to herself. Polly Marsh poured cold water onto the cake of black lead that stood in a jam jar by the kitchen sink and absentmindedly began mixing it into […]

Endearing Young Charms Series – M. C. Beaton, Marion Chesney

“The fact is, my dear Duke, we have a great deal to be thankful for,” Miss Emily Winters said severely. And Duke, a great shaggy mongrel, stared up at her out of his rather close-set, meanlooking eyes and wagged his ridiculous plume of a tail. “But sometimes,” Emily went on, looking with large, sad eyes […]

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