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Havoc – M. L. Buchman

HOLLY DİD NOT APPRECİATE the irony of the moment. Not even a little. She’d been sitting one row from the very rear of the Airbus A330-900neo jet. If she didn’t hack off her legs to get away from the muscle spasms soon, it would be a Christmas miracle—too bad it was October. Tall people were […]

Thunderbolt – M. L. Buchman

MİRANDA CHASE SHOOED a couple of sika deer off the runway. It was a chill November morning only a few degrees above freezing, so she didn’t spend long about it. A slow wave of sea fog was rolling in from Vancouver and the Canadian Gulf Islands, adding a thick dampness to the chill. The first […]

Ghostrider – M. L. Buchman

MİRANDA’S LAPTOP barely fit on the end of the plywood workbench in her airplane hangar. One of Jeremy’s ever-expanding projects was squeezing her aside, but she managed to hang on long enough to deliver her latest report. She selected Upload on the NTSB’s secure server. Her report “Airbus A320neo excursion from runway and collision with […]

Drone – M. L. Buchman

THE FLİGHT ATTENDANT stepped up to her seat—4E—which had never been her favorite on a 767-300. At least the cabin setup was in the familiar 261-seat, 2-class configuration, currently running at a seventy-three percent load capacity with a standard crew of ten and one ride-along FAA inspector in the cockpit jump seat. “Excuse me, are […]

Condor – M.L. Buchman

“FAVORİTE AİRPLANE?” “Oh, c’mon, Jeremy, ask a real one. We all know Miranda’s favorite plane,” Holly chided him. “My F-86 Sabrejet,” Miranda answered with an easy certainty that she at least knew this one answer. For twenty years she’d flown the old jet and knew it as well as the back of her hand. She […]

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