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Mack Reynolds – Unborn Tomorrow

Unfortunately, there was only one thing he could bring back from the wonderful future … and though he didn’t want to … nevertheless he did… . Betty looked up from her magazine. She said mildly, “You’re late.” “Don’t yell at me, I feel awful,” Simon told her. He sat down at his desk, passed his […]

Mack Reynolds – The Common Man

Frederick Braun, M.D., Ph.D., various other Ds, pushed his slightly crooked horn-rims back on his nose and looked up at the two-story wooden house. There was a small lawn before it, moderately cared for, and one tree. There was the usual porch furniture, and the house was going to need painting in another six months […]

Mack Reynolds – Summit

Almost anything, if it goes on long enough, can be reduced to, first a Routine, and then, to a Tradition. And at the point it is, obviously, Necessary. Two king-sized bands blared martial music, the “Internationale” and the “Star-Spangled Banner,” each seemingly trying to drown the other in a Götterdämmerung of acoustics. Two lines of […]

Mack Reynolds – Subversive

The young man with the brown paper bag said, “Is Mrs. Coty in?” “I’m afraid she isn’t. Is there anything I can do?” “You’re Mr. Coty? I came about the soap.” He held up the paper bag. “Soap?” Mr. Coty said blankly. He was the epitome of mid-aged husband complete to pipe, carpet slippers and […]

Mack Reynolds – Revolution

Paul Koslov nodded briefly once or twice as he made his way through the forest of desks. Behind him he caught snatches of tittering voices in whisper. “… That’s him … The Chief’s hatchetman … Know what they call him in Central America, a pistola, that means … About Iraq … And that time in […]

Mack Reynolds – Off Course

F IRST ON the scene were Larry Dermott and Tim Casey of the State Highway Patrol. They assumed they were witnessing the crash of a new type of Air Force plane and slipped and skidded desperately across the field to within thirty feet of the strange craft, only to discover that the landing had been […]

Mack Reynolds – Mercenary

Joseph Mauser spotted the recruiting line-up from two or three blocks down the street, shortly after driving into Kingston. The local offices of Vacuum Tube Transport, undoubtedly. Baron Haer would be doing his recruiting for the fracas with Continental Hovercraft there if for no other reason than to save on rents. The Baron was watching […]

Mack Reynolds – Medal of Honor

DON MATHERS snapped to attention, snapped a crisp salute to his superior, said, “Sub-lieutenant Donal Mathers reporting, sir.” The Commodore looked up at him, returned the salute, looked down at the report on the desk. He murmured, “Mathers, One Man Scout V-102. Sector A22-K223.” “Yes, sir,” Don said. The Commodore looked up at him again. […]

Mack Reynolds – Gun for Hire

Joe Prantera called softly, “Al.” The pleasurable, comfortable, warm feeling began spreading over him, the way it always did. The older man stopped and squinted, but not suspiciously, even now. The evening was dark, it was unlikely that the other even saw the circle of steel that was the mouth of the shotgun barrel, now […]

Mack Reynolds – Frigid Fracas

In other eras he might have been described as swacked, stewed, stoned, smashed, crocked, cockeyed, soused, shellacked, polluted, potted, tanked, lit, stinko, pie-eyed, three sheets in the wind, or simply drunk. In his own time, Major Joseph Mauser, Category Military, Mid-Middle Caste, was drenched. Or at least rapidly getting there. He wasn’t happy about it. […]

Mack Reynolds – Freedom

Colonel Ilya Simonov tooled his Zil aircushion convertible along the edge of Red Square, turned right immediately beyond St. Basil’s Cathedral, crossed the Moscow River by the Moskvocetski Bridge and debouched into the heavy, and largely automated traffic of Pyarnikskaya. At Dobryninskaya Square he turned west to Gorki Park which he paralleled on Kaluga until […]

Mack Reynolds – Combat

Henry Kuran answered a nod here and there, a called out greeting from a desk an aisle removed from the one along which he was progressing, finally made the far end of the room. He knocked at the door and pushed his way through before waiting a response. There were three desks here. He didn’t […]

Mack Reynolds – Black Mans Burden

The two-vehicle caravan emerged from the sandy wastes of the erg and approached the small encampment of Taitoq Tuareg which consisted of seven goat leather tents. They were not unanticipated, the camp’s scouts had noted the strange pillars of high-flung dust which were set up by the air rotors an hour earlier and for the […]

Mack Reynolds – Adaptation

The Coordinator said, “I suppose I’m an incurable romantic. You see, I hate to see you go.” Academecian Amschel Mayer was a man in early middle years; Dr. Leonid Plekhanov, his contemporary. They offset one another; Mayer thin and high pitched, his colleague heavy, slow and dour. Now they both showed their puzzlement. The Co-ordinator […]

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