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The Sinful Scot – Maddison Michaels

The reflection staring back at Constance from the floor-to-ceiling mirror was perfect. So perfect that she felt like crying. Her pale blond hair was perfectly coiffured in a classic twist. Her diamond necklace was perfectly placed to highlight the delicate hollow of her throat. Her sapphire-blue ball gown was perfectly molded to her curves, the […]

The Mistletoe Mistress – Maddison Michaels

BOREDOM, bachelors and whiskey were never a particularly good combination, and when mixed with a rather dubious wager made by three of London’s most notorious rakes, it was a recipe for disaster in the making. A fact, Michael Drake, the Viscount Blackthorn, probably should have considered before agreeing to the whole darn thing. Christmas festivities […]

The Elusive Earl – Maddison Michaels

“It was the most glorious treasure the world had ever seen. Gold, silver, rubies, diamonds bigger than a man’s fist, priceless statues and urns, all carried on the backs of the loyal army of the great Visigoth king: plunders and spoils from King Aleric’s successful sacking of Rome.” Isabella Maria Penderley stopped short with a […]

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