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Heiress in Red Silk – Madeline Hunter

Eccentricity ran through the Radnor family much like an orange thread weaving in and out of a tapestry. Some members showed none of the color, while others were ablaze with it. Kevin Radnor was still a young man, so it remained to be seen how much the orange would dominate his section of the tapestry. […]

The Wicked Duke – Madeline Hunter

The whole world rocked. That was the first thought Lance had while wakefulness slowly came to him—that the whole damned planet bounced through the universe. The violent movement gave him a head fit to burst. Holding on created an exhaustion so deep he yearned to return to blissful oblivion. Only he could not, because of […]

Never If Not Now – Madeline Hunter

Zander surveyed the field from the battlements of Rose Citadel. The activity spread out below him might appear chaotic to many an eye, but he saw method amidst the chaos. Pavilions rose on poles, establishing encampments. Horses paced in a large paddock built of timbers. Pennants waved, announcing the identities of knights who had arrived […]

Never Deny a Duke – Madeline Hunter

Davina touched the crown of her bonnet to make sure it was still angled correctly. She smoothed the leather of her gloves. The anteroom in which she sat held two other people, both gentlemen from their bearings and garments. She assumed she would have to wait for them to be seen first. The summons had […]

Dressed to Kiss – Madeline Hunter

London January 1820 Felicity Dawkins had fashion in her blood. She had been born above her modiste mother’s shop, Madame Follette’s, and raised among the bolts of silk and lace, picking buttons off the floor and fetching thread for the seamstresses as soon as she could toddle along and name her colors. By the time […]

A Devil of a Duke – Madeline Hunter

Lady Farnsworth ceased caring about the ton’s opinion after her husband, the baron, died. Within a month of his funeral, she took to dressing and behaving as she pleased. Three years later, generous members of society called her an original. The rest employed crueler words. No one, however, approved of her bizarre decision to hire […]

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