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Kinsey’s Defiance – Madeline Martin

Kinsey Fletcher never cared much for market days. They were loud, crowded and filled with Englishmen trying to stir up trouble. Like the two bleary-eyed sods pointing at them as Kinsey and her older sister, Clara, walked by. “Ignore them,” Clara said gently. “They mean us no harm.” “They would if given a chance.” Kinsey […]

How to Start a Scandal – Madeline Martin

Lady Violet Lavell had been summoned to the Earl of Hollingston’s study, which never boded well, and was settled precariously upon the chair her eldest sister had once dubbed the ‘squeak seat’. Her father cut an imposing figure with his large, square-shaped face and eyes that held the potential to bore into one’s very soul. […]

Her Highland Beast – Madeline Martin

DUNCAN MACLEAN HAD FOLLOWED the scream. He lifted the dark-haired child from where she lay beside the dead soldier. Evidently he had died protecting her, the bandits having run off when she screamed. No doubt they’d heard Duncan approach. Mayhap they’d seen him and fled in fear. At fifteen, he was already larger than most […]

Earl of Kendal – Madeline Martin

Adolphus Merrick, the third Earl of Kendal, had been accused many times in his life of being unfeeling. It was a claim he did not refute. Why would he when it so often played to his benefit? He slid a cool glance toward his left where his sister, Lady Marguerite Merrick, stood in men’s attire. […]

Discovering the Duke – Madeline Martin

IT WASN’T the jostling carriage through the frozen country roads that had Julia Sinclair’s stomach twisting with knots; rather it was the idea of seeing her husband again. It had been nearly two weeks since she’d woken to find William gone after a very awkward wedding night. He’d left a note simply stating his need […]

Clara’s Vow – Madeline Martin

Clara Fletcher didn’t need anyone to protect her. If only her family could be convinced. “The border is dangerous.” Drake paced the room, a sign her usually stoic brother was agitated. “With ye both living on Skye, there willna be Englishmen about to contend with when she goes to the village. Ye’ll no’ have to […]

Marin’s Promise – Madeline Martin

Lady Marin Barrington was used to attacks from the reivers. As the eldest daughter to the third Earl of Werrick, the English West March Warden, she was even used to acting as his unofficial constable in his absence. Threat of an impending battle in Berwick had resulted in the earl bringing a majority of his […]

Leila’s Legacy – Madeline Martin

The great pestilence had come. Lady Leila Barrington, youngest daughter to the Earl of Werrick, had seen it in her visions for as long as she could remember. Lingering on the horizon like a patient beast stalking its prey, growing hungrier, stronger, and more desperate. She’d told no one of the things she’d seen in […]

How to Tempt a Duke – Madeline Martin

As reported in the Lady Observer, from the evening of April the fifth, 1814, the below on-dits— following a very detailed account of lobster patties, chilled oysters and a decadent lemon syllabub. What is a sumptuous af air without a bit of scandal? It all began when a certain Belle of the Season danced not […]

Highland Wrath – Madeline Martin

Sylvi’s entire life had built up to this one moment. She’d sacrificed, she’d trained, she’d gone without. And now she would learn to kill. The noblewoman she watched stood alone in the courtyard, her dress vivid red against the somber gray stonework of the castle behind her. She moved with the grace of a mountain […]

Highland Ruse – Madeline Martin

Delilah Canterbury had risen above her station. In fact, she’d just risen above every flat, mediocre note of her existence. She sauntered down the wood-paneled hall toward the king’s private room, following the same path she’d left that very morning. Her heart tapped against her ribs in an excited beat, impatient for everything to unfold. […]

Ena’s Surrender – Madeline Martin

February 1333 Castleton, Scotland na Davidson gripped the horse’s reins with one hand and self-consciously tucked the other hand into her helm to ensure her long, dark hair hadn’t escaped. No one could know she was a woman, much less Bran Davidson’s sister. A village came into view in the distance with Kershopefoot Castle towering […]

Ella’s Desire – Madeline Martin

Lady Ella Barrington, the third daughter of the Earl of Werrick, knew there was trouble the moment she found her older sisters waiting with her father in her solar. A parchment was pinched between Marin’s fingers. It had been months since she’d seen either of her elder sisters, and from the sternness of Marin and […]

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