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The Highlander’s Forbidden Bride – Madison Faye

“I’m going to marry you.” The words hang like smoke in the darkness of his study, simmering down to linger on my skin like sweat. There’s a quickening in my chest, my heart skipping a beat as my pulse throbs through me. I’m going to marry you. The man sitting across the room from me […]

Tamed By the Highlander – Madison Faye

You’re doing it again.” I blink, pulling my gaze from the grey cliffs and crashing misty waves of the ocean outside the carriage window. Wetting my lips, the lingering images of my daydream still hanging around my head, I turn my eyes to Cat. “Doing what?” She fixes me with a look, a brow as […]

Stolen By the Scottish Rogue – Madison Faye

She belongs to another man. …I don’t care. I watch her walk along the shore towards the docks, and beyond that, the leisure yacht she’ll be married on, and my jaw clenches. My muscles tense, blood rushing through my veins as the anger simmers just under the surface. Her lily-white dress blows effortlessly in the […]

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