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The Ghost – Maeve Greyson

“I DİNNA LİKE it either, ye ken? I know I said it before, but it bears sayin’ again. When Mama says go, I must go. And might be, she’s even right this time. Usually is. Besides, I didna see ye stepping forward to tell her nay.” Magnus de Gray cut a dark look over at […]

The Dreamer – Maeve Greyson

“IF YE RİDE any slower, the horses will die of old age before we reach the keep.” Ian Cameron ignored his cousin’s jests. In fact, the man could shove them up his arse. After all, Sutherland’s views would be a damn sight different if he was the one the MacCoinnich Clan was trying to chain […]

The Bard – Maeve Greyson

THREE DAYS İNTO the visit, and he still hadn’t been shot. Considering the intensity of Lady Sorcha’s threat, Sutherland MacCoinnich considered his lack of injury nothing less than miraculous. He shifted in the sumptuous depths of a leather armchair. “Quite the library, eh? Rivals Tor Ruadh’s even.” The only space in the enormous room not […]

The Warrior – Maeve Greyson

The very word sent crackling anticipation through him. Duncan MacCoinnich worked the worn, leather reins between his fingers, hungering for this latest adventure like a man starved. Aye, this would be quite the change not only from fighting as a warrior for hire but also from helping his brother, Alexander, adapt to his new role […]

The Judge – Maeve Greyson

“THOSE MEN ARE here again. At the service door.” An irritated huff seasoned the announcement. “And it’s not even midday yet. Shameful, I tell ye. Utterly shameful.” Alasdair Cameron didn’t bother to look up from the document on his desk. His prim housekeeper, Mrs. Aggie, made it clear with her tone that she expected him […]

The Chieftain – Maeve Greyson

Dawn broke with blood-curdling shrieks and shouts. Gunfire fed into the chaos. Though the bitter winds of winter howled outside, scorching hot air, thick and stifling to the lungs, filled the halls of the stronghold. Acrid smoke, heavy with the oily scent of pitch and burned flesh, hung low across every room. Tarred brands embedded […]

Sadie’s Highlander – Maeve Greyson

“Above all else, I charge ye with the task of keepin’ yer mother safe. I fear our allied clans willna reach us in time.” The gut-wrenching sounds of splintering wood, crumbling stone, and toppling walls filled the air, then were drowned out by the deafening roar of the crazed horde destroying the last remaining barrier […]

Katie’s Highlander – Maeve Greyson

“Come on, you stubborn piece of crap! Give me a break—will you?” Hanging upside down through the moonroof of her wrecked car was not the way Katie Jenson had envisioned her scenic drive through North Carolina ending. A cute little bedand-breakfast with a feather bed and a hand-quilted comforter? Yes. Wedged between a downed tree […]

Joanna’s Highlander – Maeve Greyson

BRADY, NORTH CAROLINA PRESENT DAY “Aww, come on. You can tell us. Those hooters real or store-bought?” Ignoring a chorus of sputtering hisses and coughing coming from the table behind her, Joanna Martin calmly lowered her glass and placed it beside her plate without taking a sip. She’d artfully negotiated a lot of interesting questions […]

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