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Saving Rose Red – Maggie Dallen

The Brooklyn angel was back. Cole Michaels recognized her the moment she entered his tattoo shop. With her pink hair, she didn’t exactly blend in, but he could have picked her out of a lineup no matter what color her hair was. Last time he’d seen her she’d been bartending at the dive bar around […]

A Shot with Prince Charming – Maggie Dallen

NOT MANY GUYS could pull off tights. But Jackson Messner? He made it work. I aimed my lens at the hottie linebacker who was currently dressed as the Princess Troupe’s very own Prince Charming. Oh yeah. He didn’t just make it work. He owned it. Then again, he owned the tights. Literally. The tight pants […]

Earl of Davenport – Maggie Dallen

The sound of a carriage coming up the drive had Anne and her chaperone hurrying toward the drawing room window in a manner that was entirely unbecoming for two proper young ladies. Although, it seemed to Anne that being late to one’s scheduled meeting with two proper young ladies was equally unbecoming, so perhaps it […]

Earl of Charm – Maggie Dallen

December 1823 It was a dark, starless night when Alexander Gordon, The Earl of Charmian, let himself in through the front door of the family townhouse in Mayfair. The hour was late, and Alex expected his sister and the servants to be asleep. This was not the case. Music coming from the drawing room made […]

Charming the Runaway Duke – Maggie Dallen

Lady Amelia uttered the final words of the last scene and shut the book with a happy sigh. “How romantic.” Her cousin who’d been listening to her read aloud from her perch on the settee looked up from her needlepoint. “How ridiculous, you mean.” Amelia grinned at the beautiful blonde across from her. Though they […]

A Rake’s Ruin – Maggie Dallen

Claire Cleveland watched from the upstairs balcony as the guests clustered on the dancefloor below. Everyone was here, it seemed, either to revel with the Earl of Davenport and his new bride at their newfound wedded bliss or to gawk at the reformed rake and his scandalous wife. The scandalous wife in question was Claire’s […]

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