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With This Christmas Ring – Manda Collins

Miss Merry Parks ignored the shocked gasp of her father’s butler as she swept into Parks House cradling a lustily crying infant, trailed by her exasperated maid, who was no doubt mentally composing her resignation letter. “But Miss, what will Sir Thomas say?” “It wasn’t to be helped, Milton,” she told the man who’d known […]

Wallflower Most Wanted – Manda Collins

Consumed by the need to capture the scene in front of her before the light changed, Miss Sophia Hastings didn’t notice the newcomers until it was too late. She’d struck out early that morning—an unusual occurrence for her—carrying her own equipment to her favorite spot at the edge of the Beauchamp House property, atop the […]

Ready Set Rogue – Manda Collins

The Marquess of Kerr was having a very bad day. As if breaking an axle on his ancient family traveling carriage on the most deserted portion of the drive from London to the south coast hadn’t been inconvenience enough, there was also the fact that his favorite horse was miles back, tied behind the coach […]

Duke with Benefits – Manda Collins

Lady Daphne Forsyth’s boots crunched over the gravel of the drive leading up to the entrance of Beauchamp House as she walked behind the group of men carrying her wounded friend. Someone had shot Miss Ivy Wareham. It would have been impossible to believe if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, but even […]

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