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Wanted – Maren Smith

Pony lay on her side in the narrow hospital bed and stared unblinking at the wall. Master Ethen was dead. He’d shot her in the head. The Menagerie he’d wanted so much was disbanded. Even Puppy had abandoned her, and now he was dead. If only she were dead too. For four years, she’d given […]

Daddy’s Little Librarian – Maren Smith

Scotti came awake in the night with a start. She bolted up in bed, her heart already beating in her throat, half because of her dreams and half because of what she’d just heard. Clutching the blanket with both hands, she listened. Silence reigned through her small, split-level house. Outside, wind pushed against the roof. […]

Daddy’s Little Liar – Maren Smith

“Oh, no. No, no, not here!” Georgia’s hands tightened on the steering wheel as the dash dinged, and the temperature light hit the red line on her engine gauge. A gust of smoke erupted from under her Camaro’s Pull-Me-Over-Red hood, only to pour back into the cab through the air vents. It was definitely happening […]

Stolen Moments – Maren Smith

“Oh my God.” The elderly woman leaned in to get a closer look at the antiquated objects within the glass display case. Her husband wandered over from a neighboring display to see what she was looking at. Lingering in the doorway in the 18 th century lady’s gown that she’d chosen for today’s uniform, Flora […]

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