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The Adventures of Joel Pepper – Five Little Peppers – Margaret Sidney

“Come on, Dave!” It was Joel’s voice, and Polly pricked up her ears. “‘Tisn’t going to hurt you. Hoh! you’re a ‘fraid-cat– old ‘fraid-cat!” “No, I’m not ‘fraid-cat,” declared little Davie, trying to speak stoutly; “I’m coming, Joel,” and his little rusty shoes pattered unevenly down the rickety board walk. “Jo-el!” called Polly, thinking it […]

Five Little Peppers Midway – Margaret Sidney

“Jefferson,” said Phronsie, with a grave uplifting of her eyebrows, “I think I will go down into the kitchen and bake a pie; a very little pie, Jefferson.” “Bless you, Miss,” replied the cook, showing his white teeth in glee, “it is the making of the kitchen when you come it.” “Yes, Jefferson,” said Phronsie […]

Five Little Peppers Grown Up – Margaret Sidney

“Miss Pepper—Miss Pepper!” Polly turned quickly, it was such an anxious little cry. “What? Oh, Amy Loughead.” Amy threw herself up against Polly’s gown. “Oh, if I may,” she began, flushing painfully. “You see my brother is coming to-morrow—I’ve a letter—so if you will let me.” “Let you what?” cried Polly, with a little laugh; […]

Five Little Peppers and their Friends – Margaret Sidney

“I wish,” said Phronsie slowly, “that you’d come in, little girl.” “Can’t.” The girl at the gate peered through the iron railings, pressing her nose quite flat, to give the sharp, restless, black eyes the best chance. “Please do,” begged Phronsie, coming up quite close; “I very much wish you would.” “Can’t,” repeated the girl […]

Five Little Peppers Abroad – Margaret Sidney

“Dear me,” said Polly, “I don’t see wherever she can be, Jasper. I’ve searched just everywhere for her.” And she gave a little sigh, and pushed up the brown rings of hair under her sailor cap. “Don’t worry, Polly,” said Jasper, with a reassuring smile. “She’s with Matilda, of course. Come, Polly, let’s you and […]

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