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Highlander’s Love – Mariah Stone

A WOMAN’S scream pierced the air. “Whoa!” Owen Cambel pulled on the reins of his horse. He’d soon arrive at Innis Chonnel Castle, his clan’s seat. He knew he shouldn’t stop at all, given what he was carrying, but he couldn’t ignore the scream on his clan’s land. Birds chirped in the woods around him, […]

Highlander’s Hope – Mariah Stone

“Cruachan!” Marjorie groaned. She must be dreaming. Why else would she hear her clan’s war cry? The straw mattress scratched her skin. The room was quiet and smelled like dust from the drapery that hung from the canopy. Was she alone? She tried to lift her heavy eyelids, but then she remembered… If she opened […]

Highlander’s Heart – Mariah Stone

HEY, SCOT. SCOT, WAKE UP.” Ian opened his eyes and lifted his head, ignoring the ache in his old wounds. Moonlight fell on the dirt-packed floor through tiny vertical windows up by the ceiling. It was warm, even at night. Around him, other slaves wheezed peacefully on the benches by the walls. The air smelled […]

Highlander’s Desire – Mariah Stone

A HEAVY STONE weighed in Angus Mackenzie’s stomach as he rode past the granite gate of Delny Castle. The sharp iron stakes of the portcullis hanging above his head didn’t look as menacing as the heavy stares of the guards and men-at-arms standing on the curtain walls and in the courtyard. Swordsmen rested their hands […]

The Tree of Time – Mariah Stone

DO NOT LET ME DOWN, EİNAR,” King Harald said. “The Orkneys must be free of Viking outlaws. My word must rule there, not chaos.” If Einar Birgirsson could, he would crush the king, who had taken away his home during his conquest of Norway. Instead, Einar walked by the king’s side towards the jetty. There, […]

The Surf of Time – Mariah Stone

ANDOR THORNSSON STARED at the gray cloud of smoke right above his village. “It is on fire,” Fridstein said. “I have eyes in my face, Fridstein, not on my arse,” Andor said to his second-incommand through gritted teeth. They both stood on the bow of the longship, which cut through the water towards home, a […]

Highlander’s Captive – Mariah Stone

THE FİERY CROSS BURNED. Boom. Boom. Boom. The sound of hundreds of palms beating against drums reverberated in Craig Cambel’s chest, his heart slamming with the rhythm. Behind him waited two hundred Cambel clansmen. Every single one had answered the ancient call of the cross in flames which stood next to the clan chief’s horse. […]

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