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State of Affairs – Marie Force

A full minute after ending the bombshell call from the White House chief of staff, Nick Cappuano stared into the eyes of his wife, Samantha, looking to her for calm in the midst of calamity. However, he wasn’t finding calm in her lovely blue eyes. Instead he saw the same panic he felt. President David […]

Fatal Jeopardy – Marie Force

The game whizzed by so quickly Sam could barely keep up. Next to her, Scotty bounced with excitement as they watched Nick fly around on the ice with skill and stamina that astounded her. Although she shouldn’t be surprised he was so good. Not only had he played hockey for years when he was younger […]

Fatal Flaw – Marie Force

On the night before she was due to return to work, Lieutenant Sam Holland lay awake watching the bedside clock count down to midnight, the hour she’d officially be back on call. Five minutes to go. Sam had expected to be itching to get back to work after two weeks of constant togetherness with her […]

Fatal Consequences – Marie Force

“I’ll bet there was less red at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre,” Lt. Sam Holland said as she stood in the doorway to the Fraternal Order of Police Hall and surveyed the scene before her. “Wow.” Senator Nick Cappuano took a long look around the big room. “Wow.” Sam’s sister Tracy joined them. “Oh. My. […]

Fatal Threat – Marie Force

A JOGGER SPOTTED the body floating in the Anacostia River just south of the John Philip Sousa Bridge. “I hate these kinds of calls,” Lieutenant Sam Holland said to her partner, Detective Freddie Cruz, as she battled District traffic on their way to the city’s southeastern quadrant. “No one knows if this is a homicide, […]

Fatal Mistake – Marie Force

This, Nick Cappuano thought, is as good as it gets—a cool, crisp autumn night at the ballpark with all his favorite people and the hometown D.C. Federals cruising toward a spot in their first-ever World Series. Going into the top of the ninth inning, the Feds were up two to one with three outs standing […]

Fatal Fraud – Marie Force

If there was one benefit to Sam’s husband, Nick, being vice president of the United States, it was the motorcade that conveyed them with admirable efficiency wherever they wanted to go. As they made their way northbound on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Sam appreciated that she also got to bring friends on this mission to see […]

Duchess by Deception – Marie Force

London, May 5, 1902 “I cannot bear another minute of this charade,” Derek Eagan, the seventh Duke of Westwood, declared to his cohorts as they watched a simpering group of debutantes work the gilded ballroom. He tugged impatiently at his starched attachable collar and wished he could remove it and the tie that choked him […]

Deceived By Desire – Marie Force

June 1903 Newport, Rhode Island He first noticed the alluring curve of her neck. The delicate stretch of pale skin suggested elegance, a sweetness that begged to be explored and an aura of strength that intrigued him. Aubrey stood in the doorway to the drawing room for the longest time, riveted by a woman’s neck […]

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