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Denton’s Bride – Marie Higgins

Never in Courtney Mills’ life did she think she would be planning a wedding only to see her intended, lying on the floor, dead. Arranged marriages to old men needed to be outlawed! Courtney Mills twisted her handkerchief against her middle as she stared at the lifeless body of Albert Greenwood – the man ten […]

Roguishly Matched – Marie Higgins

Leicestershire, England To err is human, to forgive divine, Alexander Pope once said. But for Adeline, the man who had erred against her had started a whirlwind of tragic mistakes, pulling her deeper and deeper into misery. Although she wanted to forgive, now was not the time, and she couldn’t see it in her future. […]

Loving a Scoundrel – Marie Higgins

Leicestershire, England “There it is, my good man, the very estate that will either bring you happiness – or bring ruination to your good name.” Lord William Adrian Dorsey, the second son of a nobleman, pulled his horse to a stop and shifted on the saddle, giving his cousin a quizzical look. Trey Worthington had […]

Loving a Rogue – Marie Higgins

Northampton, England Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. William Congreve’s poem, The Mourning Bride, had been on Priscilla Benson’s mind for two years now. She experienced firsthand what it was like to have not one, but two men reject her outright and leave […]

Loving a Charmer – Marie Higgins

Malcolm Thornton had never really known what finding a needle in a haystack meant until now. As he stared across the ballroom at the rainbow of colorful costumes, and especially the masks that covered the faces of everyone in attendance, he honestly didn’t think he would find the spy he’d come here specifically to find. […]

Champion – Marie Higgins

England, 1192 A bead of moisture trickled down Archer’s forehead, sliding along his cheek. The mail armor he wore nearly suffocated him on this sultry day. The sun constantly beating down upon him offered no respite. Not even the whisper of a wind blowing through the few trees scattered across the courtyard helped in cooling […]

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