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The Midnight Star – Marie Lu

I have had the same nightmare for the past month. Every night, without fail. I am asleep in my royal chambers at the Estenzian palace when a creaking sound wakes me. I sit up in bed and look around. Rain lashes the windowpanes. Violetta sleeps next to me, having crept into my chambers at the […]

Prodigy – Marie Lu

DAY JOLTS AWAKE BESIDE ME. HIS BROW IS COVERED with sweat, and his cheeks are wet with tears. He’s breathing heavily. I lean over him and brush a wet strand of hair out of his face. The scrape on my shoulder has scabbed over already, but my movement makes it throb again. Day sits up, […]

Legend – Marie Lu

MY MOTHER THINKS I’M DEAD. Obviously I’m not dead, but it’s safer for her to think so. At least twice a month, I see my Wanted poster flashed on the JumboTrons scattered throughout downtown Los Angeles. It looks out of place up there. Most of the pictures on the screens are of happy things: smiling […]

Champion – Marie Lu

OUT OF ALL THE DISGUISES I’VE WORN, THIS ONE might be my favorite. Dark red hair, different enough from my usual white-blond, cut to just past my shoulders and pulled back into a tail. Green contacts that look natural when layered over my blue eyes. A crumpled, half-tucked collar shirt, its tiny silver buttons shining […]

Batman; Nightwalker – Marie Lu

The blood underneath her nails bothered her. Cheap, stupid, useless gloves, the girl thought in annoyance. She had even worn two layers of them tonight, but a rare errant slash from the knife had sliced through both layers, and now the blood had gotten on her hands. Stupid. On any other night, she would have […]

The Rose Society – Marie Lu

“I think he might be here.” I’m startled from my thoughts by my sister Violetta’s voice. “Hmm?” I murmur, looping my arm through hers as we wind our way through a crowded street. Violetta purses her lips in a familiar expression of concern. She can tell I’m distracted, but I’m grateful she decides to let […]

The Kingdom of Back – Marie Lu

I am going to tell you a story you already know. But listen carefully, because within it is one you have never heard before. The story you know is about a boy named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You recognize his name. Even if you do not, you know him well, because you have heard his music […]

Warcross – Marie Lu

It’s too damn cold of a day to be out on a hunt. I shiver, tug my scarf up higher over my mouth, and wipe a few snowflakes from my lashes. Then I slam my boot down on my electric skateboard. The board is old and used, like everything else I own, its blue paint […]

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