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The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski

She shouldn’t have been tempted. This is what Kestrel thought as she swept the sailors’ silver off the impromptu gaming table set up in a corner of the market. “Don’t go,” said one sailor. “Stay,” said another, but Kestrel cinched her wrist-strap velvet purse shut. The sun had lowered, and caramelized the color of things, […]

The Winner’s Crime – Marie Rutkoski

She cut herself opening the envelope. Kestrel had been eager, she’d been a fool, tearing into the letter simply because it had been addressed in Herrani script. The letter opener slipped. Seeds of blood hit the paper and bloomed bright. It wasn’t, of course, from him. The letter was from Herran’s new minister of agriculture. […]

The Midnight Lie – Marie Rutkoski

THERE WERE WARNING SIGNS in the Ward that day that anyone could have seen. The children must have seen the danger in their own games, in the crescent moons, roughly cut from tin, that they strung from fishing line on sticks and dangled to cast shadows beneath the pale sun. They knew, as I knew, […]

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