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True of Heart – Martha Keyes

Philip Trent, Viscount Oxley, sorely regretted the rash promise he had made to marry when he turned thirty years old. It was the type of idiotic thing one did when one was sitting comfortably at the age of three-and-twenty, naïvely believing that, not only was thirty an eternity away, but that one would be infinitely […]

My Wild Heart – Martha Keyes

No doubt, the best thing to do was ignore her cousins. But Edith Donne had never been good at holding her tongue, and certainly not when the topic of conversation was love and marriage. “Edith thinks herself quite above falling in love.” Her cousin, Mercy Kennett, shot Edith a provoking glance, eyebrow tipped up and […]

A Foolish Heart – Martha Keyes

Mercy Marcotte couldn’t bring herself to look Solomon Kennett in the eye, instead training her gaze on the branches of the weeping willow which flowed with the light summer breeze. “I cannot marry you, Solomon.” His hold on her hands slackened. “What?” Mercy’s insides writhed wretchedly. But surely he would understand? In the blink of […]

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