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Martha Wells – Wolf Night

It was the dead end of winter and Parker was riding through the Little Sally pass, his saddlebags filled with a payroll he really oughtn’t have, wearing every stitch of clothing he owned and wishing he was someplace warm, like Hell. Up in the highest notch, just before the canyon started to slope down, he […]

Martha Wells – Thorns

Coming down the stairs to dinner, I found the governess engaged in battle with my great great grandnephew. The disgusting little boy was wrestling with the poor woman, apparently trying to thrust her over the bannister. “An application of the birch rod would settle that, Miss,” I said. “I would dearly love to, Madame,” the […]

Martha Wells – The Element of Fire

THE GRAPPLING HOOK skittered across the rain-slick stone of the ledge before dropping to catch in the grillwork below the third-story window. Berham leaned back on the rope to test it. “That’s it, Captain Sir. Tight as may be,” the servant whispered. “Well done,” Thomas Boniface told him. He stepped back from the wall and […]

Martha Wells – Bad Medicine

Mac was taking his morning constitutional on the path that led sideways up the mountain. The morning air was cold and clear, and the path’s sudden turns took him out onto ledges where the pines dropped abruptly away, and the view of the town cupped in the little valley below made him stop a moment […]

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