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Zero Visibility – Mary Alford

Widespread chaos unfolded before Ben Parker’s eyes. The attacks had been well planned and calculated to take out heavily populated locations. To create mayhem. Legion had followed through with their threats in a way no one anticipated. Bombs detonated across the US and other parts of the world. Utter shock showed on the faces of […]

When Lightning Strikes – Mary Alford

He drifted in and out of consciousness. Tried to hold onto something tangible amongst the swirl of dark and terrifying images haunting him, like a movie reel replaying his life. He was desperate to find something good amongst the dreadful images. There had to be something good because he couldn’t be all bad. A flash […]

Thin Ice – Mary Alford

Nothing about the dark, abandoned apartment building in the Washington Highlands residential neighborhood of Southeast Washington, D.C. led Abby Temple to believe they’d find anyone alive inside. Part of the 8 th Ward, this neighborhood was in a dangerous part of the city, which was plagued by drug dealers, thieves, and gangs. This building in […]

Strike Force – Mary Alford

Four months after the attack at Anana Harbor, Alaska. Strike Force Headquarters in Northern Wyoming. . . The SUV came into view. Just a few more feet. Almost there. Her frantic breathing drowned out all other sounds. She kept her eyes on Reed. Something behind them had his attention. She turned. He hit the ground. […]

Flame Out – Mary Alford

How do you fight terror? By becoming better at the game. On February 26, 1993, an explosion shook lower Manhattan. Islamic Fundamentalists had bombed the World Trade Center. Terrorism crossed the ocean and penetrated the insulation we as Americans believed we possessed on US soil. The flame was lit with a torch. And I began […]

Every Beat – Mary Alford

Frantic breathing warred with the staccato beat of her heart drowning out all other sounds. Two hours had now past since their appointed meet time and he was a vapor. Gone. Disappeared into thin air. Her gut told her something bad had happened. Time became her worst friend. Every second behind enemy lines was one […]

Distant Thunder – Mary Alford

She always got antsy before a mission. But this one was different. The tension far greater. Since she’d set up the meeting, her nerves had been on edge. Heart going ballistic every time she thought about what lay ahead. CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer Piper Morgan had gone over every detail of the meet with asset […]

Chinook Winds – Mary Alford

Five days. Five long days they’d waited. Anticipated the next level of attack from Legion to be the deadliest of all. Yet through every endless hour of each day, silence had met their fears. His people needed direction. And he was sick to death of hiding. Victor Douglas descended the stairs of the bunker where […]

A Dark Place – Mary Alford

The lights from the D.C. skyline reflected into his rearview mirror. There was something about the city that had fueled his primal instincts for years. Part of it was due to his upbringing. He’d been taught to kill by one of the best. . . long before Edward Buckley came into his life. Blood zinged […]

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