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The Last Waltz – Mary Balogh

WHAT you need to do now, Wanstead,” Mr. John Cannadine said, slouching inelegantly in a deep chair beside the crackling fire, “is take a wife.” Viscount Luttrell, who was leaning against the mantel, warming his legs against the fire, swirled the brandy in his glass and chuckled. “I have ever noted,” he said, “that those […]

Someone to Romance – Mary Balogh

Lady Jessica Archer was traveling alone across England toward London. Alone was, of course, a relative term. If she had been born male, she could have left Rose Cottage in Gloucestershire that morning astride a horse or perched upon the high seat of a sporting curricle, ribbons in hand, and no one would have batted […]

Silent Melody – Mary Balogh

IT was hard to leave. But it was impossible to stay. He was leaving from choice because he was young and energetic and adventurous and had long wanted to carve a life of his own. He was going to new possibilities, new dreams. But he was leaving behind places and people. And though, being young, […]

Unforgiven – Mary Balogh

I AM for bed,” Nathaniel Gascoigne said, yawning hugely as he lifted his brandy glass and noted with a look of faint regret that it was empty. “Now, if only I had legs to take me outsh—outside and carry me home. . . .” “And if only you could remember where home is,” Eden Wendell, […]

Truly – Mary Balogh

HE had miscalculated the distance. He had not expected still to be riding this long after nightfall. And it was rather a dark night too, so that he was unable to cover the last few miles at any speed. But he had hated the thought of putting up at another inn and had pressed onward […]

The Proposal – Mary Balogh

T he weather could have been better. Low clouds scudded across the sky, blown along by a brisk wind, and rain that had been threatening all day had started to fall. The sea was rough and metal gray. A chill dampness penetrated even to the interior of the carriage, making its sole occupant glad of […]

The Obedient Bride – Mary Balogh

VISCOUNT Astor yawned widely enough to hear his jaws crack and lifted one booted leg to join the other on the plush velvet upholstery of the carriage seat opposite him. He wriggled his shoulders against the cushions at his back in a futile attempt to ease aching muscles and find a comfortable position. It really […]

The Incurable Matchmaker – Mary Balogh

YOU are not at the Cholmondley ball, Jack?” The Marquess of Kenwood eyed his questioner steadily. Since he was sitting in the lounge of White’s Club, well into his cups, his boots crossed at the ankles on the table in front of him, surrounded by a large group of similarly idle gentlemen, it seemed perfectly […]

Slightly Dangerous (Bedwyn Saga #6) – Mary Balogh

YOUR CHEEKS ARE LOOKING ALARMINGLY FLUSHED, Christine,” her mother remarked, setting her embroidery down in her lap the better to observe her daughter. “And your eyes are very bright. I hope you are not coming down with a fever.” Christine laughed. “I have been at the vicarage, playing with the children,” she explained. “Alexander wanted […]

Slightly Wicked (Bedwyn Saga #2) – Mary Balogh

Moments before the stagecoach overturned, Judith Law was deeply immersed in a daydream that had effectively obliterated the unpleasant nature of the present reality. For the first time in her twenty-two years of existence she was traveling by stagecoach. Within the first mile or two she had been disabused of any notion she might ever […]

The Constant Heart – Mary Balogh

“What I find most hurtful is their apparent lack of gratitude,” the Reverend Philip Everett said. “It seems to me that the least they can do is be thankful for what we have done for them.” Rebecca Shaw smiled at him as she straightened the small pile of old books on the table in front […]

Tempting Harriet – Mary Balogh

“Harriet. My dear.” Lady Forbes clasped her hands to her bosom and gazed admiringly at her younger friend. “You look quite delectable. You will be all the rage before the evening is out. Does she not, Clive? And will she not?” Sir Clive Forbes turned from the sideboard at which he was pouring drinks and […]

Someone to Wed – Mary Balogh

“The Earl of Riverdale,” the butler announced after opening wide the double doors of the drawing room as though to admit a regiment and then standing to one side so that the gentleman named could stride past him. The announcement was not strictly necessary. Wren had heard the arrival of his vehicle, and guessed it […]

Someone to Trust – Mary Balogh

There was nothing like a family Christmas to make a person feel warm about the heart —oh, and a little wistful too. And perhaps just a bit melancholy. Brambledean Court in Wiltshire was the scene of just such a gathering for the first time in many years. All the Westcotts were gathered there, from Eugenia, […]

Someone to Remember – Mary Balogh

Lady Matilda Westcott’s day had just taken a turn for the worse. She had not thought it possible, but she had been wrong. She was sitting behind the tea tray in the drawing room, pouring for her mother and their visitors, whose unexpected arrival had cheered her at first. Alexander, Earl of Riverdale and head […]

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