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Winthrop Manor – Mary Christian Payne

In early May 1914, James “Win” Bradley, Viscount Winterdale cantered his magnificent stallion, Black Orchid, along a lane that passed in front of a small cottage owned by a gentleman named Roderick Chambers. The cottage sat outside of Winthrop-on-Hart, a little village in Hampshire, England. The quaint hamlet, surrounded by rolling countryside, rested in a […]

War Comes Home to Winthrop Manor – Mary Christian Payne

On a spectacular English day, with clouds drifting aimlessly through the sky and the wind a gentle breeze, Lady Josephine, wife of Viscount Winterdale, known as “Win” to friends and family, felt strangely anxious. She gazed out a mullioned window while standing in the immense, lavishly decorated drawing room in Win’s parental home, Winthrop Manor. […]

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