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Lord of Secrets – Mary Gillgannon

HE WAS THE new Lord of Higham. William Fitzhugh felt a sense of disbelief as he led his troop of mounted knights through the gatehouse and over the oak planks of the drawbridge. Behind them rose the thick sandstone walls and high towers of the massive keep. Ahead was the small village that had sprung […]

Lord of Hearts – Mary Gillgannon

OUTSİDE THE HİLLTOP fortress of Caradoc ap Mabon, the wind moaned and the rain swirled in furious gusts. But within the chieftain’s wooden keep, his English guests were warmed by steaming roast venison, the finest wine from Aquitaine, and the traditional music and revelry of Welsh hospitality. Marared, Caradoc’s daughter, watched the festivities from the […]

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