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Once Dishonored – Mary Jo Putney

Lucas Mandeville hesitated at the entrance to the ballroom and thought of cannonballs crushing masts and setting sails ablaze. Bellowing sailors and hand-to-hand combat with pistols and cutlasses. In his Royal Navy days, he’d fought his share of sea battles with the French, had almost died in one. And he’d rather be on a burning […]

Once a Spy – Mary Jo Putney

Even though Suzanne was working under the small window in her room to get the best light, it was now too dark to continue sewing. England was much farther north than where she’d been living, and in midwinter the days were short and often rainy or overcast. She might have to buy candles to finish […]

Once a Scoundrel – Mary Jo Putney

Gabriel Hawkins Vance stood in front of the massive door and tried to control his shaking. He’d entered the Royal Navy at the age of twelve and had not been the youngest in his group of midshipmen. In the six years since, he’d faced cannonballs and lethal diseases, helped put down a mutiny, and, at […]

Once a Rebel – Mary Jo Putney

“Richard! Richard!” Lord George Gordon Richard Augustus Audley, third and most worthless son of the Marquess of Kingston, snapped awake at the hissing voice outside his open bedroom window. Callie? She wasn’t supposed to be home from school for another week. He frowned; it had to be her. Only two people had ever called him […]

Dearly Beloved – Mary Jo Putney

Isle of Mull, Scotland, 1799 The young man in the corner of the smoky taproom drank alone. It was not just that he was solitary: a nearly palpable wall separated him from the islanders. It had been over fifty years since Bonnie Prince Charlie had led the clans to destruction on Culloden Moor, but Scots […]

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