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The Broken Heart – Mary Lancaster

ISABELLE DE RENARDE advanced toward the Hart Inn with an odd, nervous dread. It might have been the ominous darkness of the evening, or the eternally drizzling rain trickling down her carriage window. But more likely, the feeling was rooted in the past. The last time she had come here, only three months ago, she […]

Pursued By the Rake – Mary Lancaster

THE RESİDENCE OF the Princess of Wales blazed with light. Stepping down from the post chaise in Connaught Place, Miss Hazel Curwen winced at the extravagance, for it was only just dusk. She supposed Her Highness was holding a farewell party for all the friends she would leave behind when she sailed for the continent. […]

Melting the Snow Queen – Mary Lancaster

Lady Alba had no warning that fate was about to interfere with her journey. Having finally obtained her father’s permission to return to Winbourne, she set off before he could change his mind. She had summoned the carriage for six o’clock in the morning, and by one minute past, the bleary-eyed footmen were stowing her […]

Madeleine – Mary Lancaster

MADELEİNE FİRST HEARD of Roderick Usher at the Hart Inn in Sussex. Her brother Daniel, whom she hadn’t seen for seven years, had met her off the ship at Southampton, and they were travelling toward London in very easy stages. The Hart was not precisely on their way, but Daniel had suggested the detour in […]

Fed to the Lyon – Mary Lancaster

THE WORLD WAS a nightmare. Diana felt very strange, as though she were waking from a disturbed sleep, and yet she was actually walking—or at least stumbling—along dark streets amidst odd flares of light. Street lamps? Her eyes seemed to be as hazy as her mind, and behind that was sheer misery. Simon had gone. […]

Christmas Heart – Mary Lancaster

CHARLOTTE, THE DUCHESS of Alvan, was in a foul mood. Everything had gone wrong. Two days ago, she had quarreled seriously with her husband for the first time ever, and she was still angry with him. Now, she was cold, tired, and hungry, the baby was crying, and she had just discovered that the road […]

Blackhaven Brides – Mary Lancaster

LADY SERENA WALTZED into the schoolroom. Finding herself in a beam of bright sunshine, she halted and winked at her younger sisters. For their entertainment, she created bird-shapes with her hands that reflected on the opposite wall. Maria grinned, Alice chortled, and Helen actually sprang to her feet in instant desire to make shapes of […]

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