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Mary Robinette Kowal – This Little Pig

Aage Llievang tried explaining to his mother, but she shook her head. “Now, Aage. Really. Your own car? A car? What would the other co-op members think?” “Mom, this is a classic! 1952 MG-TD. It’s even—” “British Racing green… yes, Aage. I know. Your father knows. Your grandmother knows. We all know about the car.” […]

Mary Robinette Kowal – The Bound Man

Light dappled through the trees in the family courtyard, painting shadows on the paving stones. Li Reiko knelt by her son to look at his scraped knee. “I just scratched it.” Nawi squirmed under her hands. Her daughter, Aya, leaned over her shoulder studying the healing. “Maybe Mama will show you her armor after she […]

Mary Robinette Kowal – Portrait of Ari

Tom bounced with the music that blared on the art studio’s CD player, trying to use its rhythm to stay awake. Pulling all-nighters gave him a certain masochistic joy, but he had passed the point of diminishing returns two hours ago. Ari looked up from the mat she was cutting. “So the secret to getting […]

Mary Robinette Kowal – For Solo Cello, op. 12

His keys dropped, rattling on the parquet floor. Julius stared at them, unwilling to look at the bandaged stump where his left hand had been two weeks ago. He should be used to it by now. He should not still be trying to pass things from his right hand to his left. But it still […]

Mary Robinette Kowal – Death Comes But Twice

My dearest Lily, Forgive me. I would be with you now, rather than closeted in my study, but I do not wish you or our children to witness my demise. I love you. I tell you now, so that you will know that my last thought was of you. I have placed my affairs in […]

Mary Robinette Kowal – Cerbo en Vitra ujo

Grete snipped a diseased branch off her Sunset-Glory rosebush like she was a body harvester looking for the perfect part. Behind the drone of the garden’s humidifiers, she caught a woosh-snick as the airlock door opened. Her boyfriend barreled around Mom’s prize Emperor artichoke. Something was wrong. The whites showed around Kaj’s remarkable eyes, a […]

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