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The Highlander’s Destiny – Mary Wine

SHE’D BEEN PROMİSED since she was five. Normal. Expected. Her duty. Cora curled her lips in disgust. But even as her temper flared, she couldn’t quite sink into her own thoughts and take solace in believing she was right to be so outraged. Would ye prefer a family that never thought to secure yer future? […]

Wicked Highland Ways – Mary Wine

It wouldn’t be the first marriage contracted for the gain it would bring to the groom’s family. Brenda contemplated the road in front of her and felt almost nothing. That was by far the saddest part of what would be her second marriage. She felt nothing much about it at all. Not that she expected […]

Improper Seduction – Mary Wine

Her mother was nervous. Bridget Newbury considered her mother with curiosity. Lady Connolly was normally the perfect model of poise. “Good morrow, Mother.” Jane turned in a ɻurry of wool skirts. She was wearing one of her very modest Sabbath dresses. There was no lace upon it, the only trim formed by contrasting persimmon wool […]

Highland Hellion – Mary Wine

“Ye’re a fool,” Robert MacPherson grumbled. “And likely to get us both lashed.” Katherine Carew didn’t offer him even a hint of remorse. She settled herself on top of her horse, confidence shining in her midnight-blue eyes. “I’ve trained as hard and as long as ye have.” “Yes, but ye’re—” Robert clamped his lips shut […]

Highland Flame – Mary Wine

They were waiting for him to bless the meal. He was laird, and it was his place to begin the evening supper with a prayer. Somehow, in all the times his mother had spoken of that moment with longing in her eyes, she had never mentioned to him just how much it would remind him […]

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