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To Love Someone – Maryann Jordan

He pushed open the glass doors that led from the worn-tiled lobby of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Norfolk and stepped into the sunshine. He rubbed his hand over his beard as he tilted his head back, letting the sun beat against his closed eyes, the warmth knocking off the air-conditioned chill and sterile scent […]

Serial Love – Maryann Jordan

EİGHT-YEAR OLD JACK Bryant walked along the gravel drive, shuffling his feet as he kicked at the red dirt. The school bus had already discharged the other children living in the big houses in town before making the long journey into the country to his parent’s farm. He could hear his father’s tractor in the […]

Levi – Maryann Jordan

“Hey, Levi. Bet you’re ready to head out.” Levi Amory grinned as he shut the door to his SUV while holding the phone with his other hand. It was late in the evening, but he planned on an early start the next morning. “You’ve got that right, Tate. The SUV’s tank is full, and the […]

Kyle – Maryann Jordan

“Jesus.” The word was whispered, and Kyle McBride shot a glance toward his partner sitting on the passenger side of his pickup truck. Alex Freeman’s gaze was pinned on the scene through the windshield. For both detectives of the Hope City Police Department, this was not their first rodeo. But seeing this level of poverty […]

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