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The Bane Chronicles – Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson

It was a sad moment in Magnus Bane’s life when he was banned from Peru by the High Council of Peruvian warlocks. It was not just because the posters with a picture of him that were passed around Downworld in Peru were so wildly unflattering. It was because Peru was one of his favorite places. […]

Every Exquisite Thing – Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson

This one was stained with something purple. This one had a hole in the sleeve. This one was missing a . . . back. An entire back. It was just a front of a shirt and two sleeves clinging on for dear life. “Christopher,” Anna said, turning the garment over in her hands, “how do […]

A Deeper Love – Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson

“I think first,” Catarina said, “lemon cake. Oh, lemons. I think I miss them most.” Catarina Loss and Tessa Gray were walking down Ludgate Hill, just passing the Old Bailey. This was a game they sometimes played—what will you eat first when this war is over? Of all the terrible things that were going on, […]

Truly Devious – Maureen Johnson

You know I can’t let you leave. . . . FATE CAME FOR DOTTIE EPSTEIN A YEAR EARLIER, IN THE FORM OF A call to the principal’s office. It was not her first time there. Dolores Epstein wasn’t sent for any of the normal reasons—fighting, cheating, failing, absence. Dottie would get called down for more […]

The Vanishing Stair – Maureen Johnson

“HAS ANYONE SEEN DOTTIE?” MISS NELSON ASKED. Miss Nelson, the housemistress of Minerva, looked around for an answer to her question. Though it was spring, it was still cold up on the mountain, and the residents of Minerva House were gathered close to the common room fireplace. “Maybe she’s with the nurse,” Gertie van Coevorden […]

The Hand on the Wall – Maureen Johnson

THE SNOW HAD BEEN FALLING FOR HOURS, DRIFTING PAST THE WINDOWS, settling on the sill, forming little landscapes that mimicked the mountains in the distance. Albert Ellingham sat on an overstuffed chair covered in plum-colored velvet. A green marble clock sat before him on a small table, ticking contentedly. Aside from the ticking and the […]

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