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Maurice Leblanc – The Three Eyes

FOR me the strange story dates back to that autumn day when my uncle Dorgeroux appeared, staggering and unhinged, in the doorway of the room which I occupied in his house, Haut-Meudon Lodge. None of us had set eyes on him for a week. A prey to that nervous exasperation into which the final test […]

Maurice Leblanc – The Teeth of the Tiger

It was half-past four; M. Desmalions, the Prefect of Police, was not yet back at the office. His private secretary laid on the desk a bundle of letters and reports which he had annotated for his chief, rang the bell and said to the messenger who entered by the main door: “Monsieur le Préfet has […]

Maurice Leblanc – The Hollow Needle

Raymonde listened. The noise was repeated twice over, clearly enough to be distinguished from the medley of vague sounds that formed the great silence of the night and yet too faintly to enable her to tell whether it was near or far, within the walls of the big country- house, or outside, among the murky […]

Maurice Leblanc – The Crystal Stopper

The two boats fastened to the little pier that jutted out from the garden lay rocking in its shadow. Here and there lighted windows showed through the thick mist on the margins of the lake. The Enghien Casino opposite blazed with light, though it was late in the season, the end of September. A few […]

Maurice Leblanc – The Confessions of Arsene Lupin

“Lupin,” I said, “tell me something about yourself.” “Why, what would you have me tell you? Everybody knows my life!” replied Lupin, who lay drowsing on the sofa in my study. “Nobody knows it!” I protested. “People know from your letters in the newspapers that you were mixed up in this case, that you started […]

Maurice Leblanc – The Blonde Lady

On the 8th of December last, M. Gerbois, professor of mathematics at Versailles College, rummaging among the stores at a second-hand dealer’s, discovered a small mahogany writing-desk, which took his fancy because of its many drawers. “That’s just what I want for Suzanne’s birthday,” he thought. M. Gerbois’ means were limited and, anxious as he […]

Maurice Leblanc – Eight Strokes of the Clock

Hortense Daniel pushed her window ajar and whispered: “Are you there, Rossigny?” “I am here,” replied a voice from the shrubbery at the front of the house. Leaning forward, she saw a rather fat man looking up at her out of a gross red face with its cheeks and chin set in unpleasantly fair whiskers. […]

Maurice Leblanc – Arsene Lupin

The rays of the September sun flooded the great halls of the old chateau of the Dukes of Charmerace, lighting up with their mellow glow the spoils of so many ages and many lands, jumbled together with the execrable taste which so often afflicts those whose only standard of value is money. The golden light […]

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