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Maxim Gorky – Through Russia

The year was the year ’92—the year of leanness—the scene a spot between Sukhum and Otchenchiri, on the river Kodor, a spot so near to the sea that amid the joyous babble of a sparkling rivulet the ocean’s deep-voiced thunder was plainly distinguishable. Also, the season being autumn, leaves of wild laurel were glistening and […]

Maxim Gorky – The Man Who Was Afraid

ABOUT sixty years ago, when fortunes of millions had been made on the Volga with fairy-tale rapidity, Ignat Gordyeeff, a young fellow, was working as water-pumper on one of the barges of the wealthy merchant Zayev. Built like a giant, handsome and not at all stupid, he was one of those people whom luck always […]

Maxim Gorky – Mother

Every day the factory whistle bellowed forth its shrill, roaring, trembling noises into the smokebegrimed and greasy atmosphere of the workingmen’s suburb; and obedient to the summons of the power of steam, people poured out of little gray houses into the street. With somber faces they hastened forward like frightened roaches, their muscles stiff from […]

Maxim Gorky – Creatures That Once Were Men

In front of you is the main street, with two rows of miserable-looking huts with shuttered windows and old walls pressing on each other and leaning forward. The roofs of these time-worn habitations are full of holes, and have been patched here and there with laths; from underneath them project mildewed beams, which are shaded […]

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