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Highland Sword – May McGoldrick

The afternoon sun cast a golden glow over the high-walled garden beside the keep. The scents of autumn—rich and earthy—hung in the air, filling Cinaed’s senses. His mother paused before a pair of rose bushes. The leaves were beginning to grow spotted and yellow, but a few red blooms lingered steadfastly in the protected space. […]

Highland Jewel – May McGoldrick

Far above jagged crags and worn peaks, a hawk soared free, floating on the breeze beneath the pale azure sky. Below, a glistening stream snaked through steep-sided glens, protected by thick stands of tall pine. Above the flowing waters, an impregnable stone fortress sat high on a rocky brae. Dalmigavie Castle. Built by a warrior […]

Highland Crown – May McGoldrick

“Hard times been choking folks around here for a long while, and most of them would sell their own kin if they thought there’s a ha’penny to be made from it.” Jean paused and fixed her eye on her guest. “And one look at ye, and they’ll know yer good for more than that.” A […]

Dearest Millie – May McGoldrick

DEAREST MILLIE, I should be working, but the golden sun is descending in the southwest, lighting my work room with a magical glow. In the gardens beneath the window, I hear my patients being brought in for their supper. I cast my gaze around at the disarray in this office and think for the thousandth […]

A Midsummer Wedding – May McGoldrick

Stirling Castle, Scotland Summer 1484 “It’s your wedding,” the young queen said. “So why do I feel as if I’m sending you to the gallows?” Elizabeth Hay stood at the open window of the White Tower, looking across the busy courtyard toward the chapel. A hum of voices drifted up to her as worry tightened […]

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