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Hunters and Prey – May Sage

The midnight motorcycle came to a halt at the bottom of a hill, stopping right before black gates guarded by a troll. An actual troll—or the closest thing still roaming on Earth. Bill towered over the rider, almost twice as tall and with a head that looked like an overgrown pumpkin. The woman wearing black […]

To Tame a Rogue – May Sage

The woman looked behind her shoulder frantically, running as fast as her exhausted legs could carry her. She would have shifted if she could, but the infinitely precious thing in her arms might have been hurt if a dragon had carried it. That wasn’t a risk she was willing to take. As she turned back […]

To Claim a King – May Sage

She’d felt unsteady since dawn, feeling deep in her bones that if she didn’t get out of town in time today, she would live to regret it. The young woman, hiding under a well-worn woolen cloak that had been green once, peeked left, then right, checking that no guard was standing near, then stepped out […]

To Catch a Prince – May Sage

It didn’t make sense. Not even a little bit, actually. Every time they repeated their inane story, Talia’s head hurt. She’d come with news – great news – but she’d wanted to tell it to her sister first, and she wasn’t there. Her parents told her about demons, dragons, and other such crazy things that […]

The Snow Queen – May Sage

Another child was gone. They’d located him, but by the time they’d made it, it had been too late. He’d already been changed. Over the last twenty years, only twelve children had been born to his clan. Five of them had made it; three had died, and four had been enslaved. “It’s not your fault,” […]

Sleeping Beauty – May Sage

The King sighed out loud, lying back on his plush throne. They’d won the war, this time – at twenty-nine years of age, he’d lived through seven conflicts, four where they’d been victorious, three that Alenia had won. Their borders had been redefined each time, cutting back and then regaining useless, barren pieces of land. […]

Shadow Cursed – May Sage

Once, the fae woods were alive with malice, laughter, and schemes, but gone are the days of the folk. Trolls and boggarts no longer hunt shadows of the night. No hag wanders the darkness, lying in wait to ensnare a maiden and eat her heart whole. The goblins returned to their hills, and the aven […]

King of Ruin – May Sage

Most of the creatures assembled on the floating dome above the surface of the endless torrential waters of Sidhe were cruel. Others, cunning. Some, wise. All were beautiful, from the dainty, delicate winged pixies flying around their masters while carrying bluebells and riding dragonflies, to the tall, sturdy, green-skinned woodland fae with branches for hair […]

Frostbound Throne – May Sage

This was how she died. She knew it, felt it to her bones. There was no other way, not here. Saving herself would mean condemning every breathing soul in the city of night. As little as she liked most of them, and however much they hated her in return, she couldn’t bring herself to destroy […]

Diplomacy – May Sage

Dara was used to that look. It started at the tip of her toes, roamed all the way to her chest, before pausing and making its way to her eyes. Then, there was a sigh. “What is this?” A few years back, she might have bothered to feel offended. Now she winked playfully. “Come on, […]

Wicked Court – May Sage

Every creature in the Murkwood wants to kill me—some for sport, others out of hunger or spite. I leap from tree to tree, outsmarting the branches that slink under my footfalls to trip me up, all of my senses alert. I don’t think the birch, oak, and old ash appreciate being trodden on, but they’ll […]

Frostbound Throne; Song of Heaven and Ice – May Sage

Something felt wrong. Kira could tell as soon as they emerged out of the network of sinuous corridors crawling out of Carvenstone. When they’d been alerted of an intrusion at the borders of their hideout, she had felt confident. Especially when she’d clearly sensed that it was just one person. Whatever it was, whoever it […]

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