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Until Midnight – Maya Banks

“Kiss me,” she said rather breathlessly. Her fiancé, Stuart Eglin, backed hastily away from her, a look of abject terror on his face. Lady Jenna Wycliffe pursed her lips and thrust her face forward. The moment she had planned had come. After dancing her third set, she’d asked Stuart to escort her out onto the […]

Her Majesty, My Love – Maya Banks

It was a damned miserable day to die. Simon Rothmore, Earl of Merrick, tugged his heavy overcoat closer around him to ward off the pervasive chill wrought by the drizzling rains. He cast a glance down at the soggy corpse that lay encased in mud and ice. Prince Davide Chastaine, youngest son of the King […]

Duchess of My Heart – Maya Banks

May 1818 The bruises had faded, but how many more were to come? The pain had subsided but was still fresh in her memory. Closing her eyes against the vivid images playing over and over in her mind, Jillian St. James, Countess of Penroth, turned away from the window of her bedchamber. Her prison. Lightening […]

Beyond the Night – Maya Banks

Outside the lost city of Pagoria 1817 Sir Roderick Castleton fled as if the hounds of hell were nipping at his heels. He stumbled forward in the darkness, his hands sweeping against the damp walls of the tunnel in a desperate attempt to right himself. Sweat poured from his face, and his breath tore from […]

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