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Mayer Alan Brenner – Spell of Intrigue

FRADI HAD RECENTLY DIED, which made it all the more remarkable for him to realize that he was once again awake. That is to say, on the one hand he was rather surprised, but on the other hand he was scarcely surprised at all. He was aware that “recently” was a relative term under the […]

Mayer Alan Brenner – Spell of Fate

IT SEEMED LIKE THE FIRST DECENT SLEEP he’d had in ages. Of course, his standards had grown significantly more lax since being on the road, but even so you could scarcely deny – Again, a boot tried to separate his ribs. Again? Jurtan Mont tried to think back into the immediate past. Something must have […]

Mayer Alan Brenner – Spell of Catastrophe

THE AIR WAS THICK and the heat oppressive. Outside the flap of canvas that covered the doorway, a vast range of beige desert overlaid by a scattering of scrub ran to the horizon. The line of dust raised by the approach of the caravan hung motionless in the air, stretching south from the oasis into […]

Mayer Alan Brenner – Spell of Apocalypse

FROM THE GROUND, the bird was an infinitesimal white speck lost against the isoluminescent glare of the midday sky. From the perspective of the seagull, however, the ground and its features were clearly apparent in all their multiplicity and confusion. Below it now as it circled in its leisurely bank was the sparkling band of […]

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