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The Scent of Love – Meara Platt

FİNN BRAYDEN HAD only himself to blame for being caught quite spectacularly in Lady Eloise Dayne’s flower garden in the midst of her tea party with Belle Farthingale in his arms. She wasn’t in his arms precisely, more twisted under his body. He hadn’t been kissing her, either. Nor had he…there was no polite explanation […]

The Look of Love – Meara Platt

LADY OLİVİA GOSLİNG was minding her own business, browsing along the musty shelves of Gresham’s Antiquarian Books, when one of those books suddenly fell off the top shelf and landed on her head. “Ouch!” She peered around the corner, certain that someone had carelessly knocked over the tome bound in faded red leather. But she […]

The Kiss of Love – Meara Platt

THOMAS HALFORD, THE nineteenth Earl of Wycke, scion of one of the most powerful and noble families in the realm since medieval times, stared at Honey Farthingale’s dainty derriere as it poked out from behind one of the intricately shaped boxwood animals in Lord Goring’s topiary garden. Since it was a dark night, the clouds […]

The Hope of Love – Meara Platt

“WİLL YOU JOİN us for Christmas supper, Miss Billings?” Lady Poppy, Countess of Welles, asked, clutching the books she’d just purchased from Felicity’s bookshop. Felicity smiled at the newlywed countess, genuinely touched she’d come to the bookshop in person to make the request when she could have merely sent a footman to deliver the invitation […]

Lords, Ladies and Babies – Meara Platt

Cheyne Lyon, Duke of Mar, ran a hand through his hair and stifled an oath as he stared down at the bedraggled young woman seated in the visitor’s parlor holding a wee bairn in her arms. The little lad slept peacefully, wrapped in a protective blanket and apparently unaffected by the storm now raging outside. […]

If You Wished for Me – Meara Platt

LADY MEGGİE CAMERON considered herself a wallflower and was fairly certain that she would permanently and irrevocably remain one even though she was the granddaughter of the wealthy and powerful Duke of Lotheil. It mattered not that eligible young bucks sought her out, for they were merely interested in her grandfather and never her. For […]

Garden of Destiny – Meara Platt

“LORD BLOODAXE, COME forward and rejoice with me,” Brihann, High King of the Dragon Lords commanded the moment Bloodaxe stepped into the grand castle hall in response to the royal summons. Black and gold banners emblazoned with dragons covered the vast chamber and one enormous banner of the finest Italian velvet depicting a black dragon […]

Fortune’s Dragon – Meara Platt

Scarborough, England August, 1805 CALEB BRAYDEN WASN’T certain how he’d heard the little girl crying beside one of the brightly colored tents amid the din of music and the noisy crowd at the Scarborough Fair. The day was hot, the midday sun beating down on the open field that stretched east toward the sand beach […]

Earl of Westcliff – Meara Platt

Wicked Earls’ Club, London October 1815 TYNAN BRAYDEN, THE sixth Earl of Westcliff, peered out of the window of his club onto Bedford Place, knowing he had a choice to make – either remove the last of his clothing and join the beautiful viscountess who was already naked in his bed, eager to share a […]

Earl of Kinross – Meara Platt

London, England December 1814 “MOTHER IN HEAVEN, ” Lara Le Brecque muttered, toppling over the high wall surrounding Marcus Brayden’s townhouse and landing in an enormous snowdrift. It was shortly past dawn, although one would not know it by the gray clouds covering the sky that prevented most of the daylight from filtering down. She […]

Earl of Hearts – Meara Platt

Scottish Highlands October 1814 JOHN RANDALL, THIRD Earl of Bainbridge, reached for his pistol as the howling wind caught the door to MacNaughton’s Tavern, flinging it open with a slam that rattled the rafters. All conversation in the crowded establishment suddenly came to a halt as everyone turned to gaze at the rain-soaked stranger standing […]

Bhrodi’s Angel – Meara Platt

Pembroke, Wales September 1816 “MISS PERTWEE, GET off those rocks. I’ve warned you before.” Bhrodi de Shera, the tenth Duke of Pembroke, left the hillside walking trail that hugged the coastal cliffs of Pembroke and strode toward Prudence Pertwee with a frown that she could not possibly ignore, but she managed to do so anyway. […]

A Match Made in Duty – Meara Platt

London, England October 1815 JAMES BRAYDEN, FIFTH Earl of Exmoor, glanced at the bottle of brandy his butler had just carried in on a sparkling silver tray and set down beside him on the elegant mahogany desk in his study. He waited for his butler to depart and close the door behind him before turning […]

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