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Twilight – Meg Cabot

I found the stone exactly where Mrs. Gutierrez had said it would be, beneath the drooping branches of the overgrown hibiscus in her backyard. I shut off the flashlight. Even though there was supposed to have been a full moon that night, by midnight a thick layer of clouds had blown in from the sea, […]

Shadowland – Meg Cabot

They told me there’d be palm trees. I didn’t believe them, but that’s what they told me. They told me I’d be able to see them from the plane. Oh, I know they have palm trees in Southern California. I mean, I’m not a complete moron. I’ve watched 90210, and everything. But I was moving […]

Reunion – Meg Cabot

“Now this,” Gina said, “is the life.” I was forced to agree with her. The two of us were stretched out in our bikinis, taking in the rays and balmy seventy-five-degree weather on Carmel Beach. It was March, but you wouldn’t have known it by the way the sun was pouring down on us. Well, […]

Remembrance – Meg Cabot

It started while I was in the middle of an extremely heated online battle over a pair of black leather platform boots. That’s when a chime sounded on my desktop, letting me know I’d received an e-mail. Ordinarily I’d have ignored it, since my need for a pair of stylish yet functional boots was at […]

Proposal – Meg Cabot

IT WAS VALENTINE’S DAY, and where was I? Freezing my butt off in a cemetery, that’s where. Romantic, right? But I had a job to do, and that job required that I sit in the dark on a headstone, and wait for a ghost to show up. Yeah. That’s the kind of girl I am, […]

Ninth Key – Meg Cabot

Nobody told me about the poison oak. Oh, they told me about the palm trees. Yeah, they told me plenty about the palm trees, all right. But nobody ever said a word about this poison oak business. “The thing is, Susannah – ” Father Dominic was talking to me. I was trying to pay attention, […]

Haunted – Meg Cabot

“Well, well, well,” said a distinctly masculine voice from behind me. “If it isn’t Susannah Simon.” Look, I won’t lie to you. When a cute guy talks to me—and you could tell from this guy’s voice that he was easy on the eyes; it was in the selfconfidence of those well, well, wells, the caressing […]

Darkest Hour – Meg Cabot

Summer. Season of long, slow days and short, hot nights. Back in Brooklyn, where I spent my first fifteen of them, summer—when it hadn’t meant camp— had meant hanging out on the stoop with my best friend, Gina, and her brothers, waiting for the icecream truck to come by. When it wasn’t too hot, we […]

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