Tag: Megan Abbott

You Will Know Me – Megan Abbott

Go Devon! Knox Rox! Next Stop: Elite Qualifiers! BelStars 4-Ever! Regional Champs! The vinyl banners rippled from the air vent behind them, the restaurant roiling with parents, the bobbing of gymnast heads, music gushing from the weighty speakers keeled on the window ledges. Slung around Devon’s neck were three medals, two silver and one gold, […]

Give Me Your Hand – Megan Abbott

This was twelve years ago. We were seventeen, Diane and me, and for the eight or nine months of our senior year, we shared an energy that crackled in both of us, a drive, a hunger, a singing ambition. Then, one night, everything broke. We were at my house, my mom’s cramped, Lysol-laden house, thick […]

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