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A Wicked Bargain for the Duke – Megan Frampton

Thaddeus Dutton, Duke of Hasford, leaned back in his chair and folded his arms over his chest, glaring with dissatisfaction at the list he’d written. Not that it was the list’s fault; it was his entirely. The list was proper, in correct order, and comprehensive. Disciplined. Like him. Boring, his cousin Ana Maria had once […]

The Lady is Daring – Megan Frampton

If given the choice between enduring twenty-four hours of amateur Shakespearean theatrics or speaking with his father for five minutes, Bennett, Lord Carson, would have only one thing to say. Now is the winter of our discontent. But Bennett hadn’t been given the choice, so there would be no winter. Certainly not any glorious summer. […]

The Earl’s Christmas Pearl – Megan Frampton

“Alone!” Pearl exulted, unable to resist twirling in the hallway of her parents’ London town house. Pearl’s first thought, on realizing she’d been left behind, was to dash after the carriage. Her second thought was definitely not to. Her third thought was most definitely not to. Which was why she was both exulting and twirling. […]

Never Kiss a Duke – Megan Frampton

Everything Sebastian had ever known was a lie. “You’re saying I’m no longer the duke. That I am illegitimate. Do I have that right?” Sebastian Dutton, the Duke of Hasford, spoke in a clipped, sharp tone. A tone he normally reserved for one of his dogs caught gnawing on a shoe. This was much bigger […]

Never a Bride – Megan Frampton

“Ithink we should get some more ale,” Griffith said to his first mate, Clark, as he downed the rest of his drink. “That’s proper procedure,” he snorted ruefully. Proper procedure in this pub meant that he would get more beer. But proper procedure, at least according to Her Majesty’s government, meant that innocent people would […]

My Fair Duchess – Megan Frampton

“There’s only one solution,” Lady Sophia said, passing the letter to Archie as he felt his stomach drop. And his carefully ordered life teeter on the verge of change. “You’ll have to go to London to sort my goddaughter out.” She embellished her point by squeezing her tiny dog Truffles, who emitted a squeak and […]

Lady Be Bad – Megan Frampton

“Not there, my lady,” the bookseller said, unhelpfully. Because obviously what Eleanor was looking for wasn’t there since she didn’t have it in her immaculately gloved hand. She turned to regard him, raising her nose and her eyebrow simultaneously. It was a talent she’d learned from her father, the Duke of Marymount, who had taught […]

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