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Why – Megan Mitcham

Dispatch: 911. What is the address of your emergency? Caller: I need help! (Labored breathing.) Dispatch: What kind of help, sir? Caller: I need an ambulance and the police. Get the police here, now! Dispatch: Sir, what is the address of your emergency? Caller: (Coughing. Crying.) Dispatch: Sir, tell me what’s wrong, so I can […]

Who – Megan Mitcham

Thank heaven for slum nights. Larkin’s fingers smoothed over the red gold of the Montblanc fountain pen atop the glass conference table on the seventy-ninth floor of the Ashford Building, balancing the weight of it easily between her thumb and index finger. She zeroed in on the target three seats away on the right. A […]

How – Megan Mitcham

AGAIN? She’d been five times in the past hour. Libby Irish snapped her boots together and clenched her legs. No room to cross them. The tactical response vehicle traded its consistent jitter for an all-out lurch. An expletive popped like a flash bang from the front, and Joel toppled as though a sniper’s bullet had […]

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