Tag: Megan Shepherd

The Hunt – Megan Shepherd

SIX STEPS LONG BY six steps wide. Cora must have paced the perimeter of her cell a hundred times. There was no clock. No window. No way to tell if she had been there for three days or thirteen—not that time even passed the same way on the space station. The only objects in the […]

Midnight Beauties – Megan Shepherd

THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE, even in her hair. Anouk tripped through fallen leaves in gold-studded Goblin boots two sizes too small, the laces undone, the novelty tread leaving bloodstained prints in the smeared shape of hearts. Her leather shorts were ripped. Her velvet jacket was punctured once in the sleeve and twice near her ribs. […]

Grim Lovelies – Megan Shepherd

FROM THE FRONT-TURRET WINDOW of Mada Vittora’s Paris townhouse, Anouk couldn’t see the fountain at the far end of Rue des Amants. She could see, however, the hopeful souls who made their way down the sidewalk, tourists and Parisians alike, some with their noses in guidebooks and others who knew the route by heart, in […]

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