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Bourbon Sins – Meghan Quinn

“Where the fuck are my titty tassels?” Lyla announced, as she dug through her locker. She was always losing her tassels. To be honest, I didn’t know why she used them to begin with; they were more eighties porn than New Orleans strip club, but she swore they drove the men crazy. I wouldn’t know, […]

Bourbon Kingdom – Meghan Quinn

“Why hello, Kitten. You’ve just made my night.” Oh, my God, what the hell was I doing? Standing in front of me was Rex Titan, with a look that screamed he was going to dig into my panties, not bothering to take my pants off first, and eat me up. Maybe a few months ago […]

Bourbon Deceit – Meghan Quinn

“Uhhhhh, yeaaaaaa. Hmmmm, uh, uh. Heeeee.” There are three types of men who show up at the Lafayette Club. There are the men who try to act like your scantily clad ass dancing across their bean pole is not affecting them, even though they’re biting their lip while staring at your tits and sweating like […]

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