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Never Doubt a Duke’s Desire – Meghan Sloan

“Miss Stone,” the strict voice of the housekeeper Mrs. Wickham had the young maid’s head darting up in attention. “We need your help in the dining room.” Occupied with dusting the spare rooms of Duke Westwood’s house, Louisa Stone, one of the newest maid. She had not been expecting any interruption until she had to […]

Under the Duke’s Wicked Spell – Meghan Sloan

Charlotte lifted her chin to gaze at the stoic, shadowed building before her. She clutched her parasol with white-knuckled fingers and acknowledged the dread that thudded in her stomach. Ordinarily, when she allowed herself to be caught up in Louisa’s strange and provocative fantasies, she regretted it—yet always, in the initial moments before, as she […]

Tempted By a Rake’s Smile – Meghan Sloan

“I never thought I’d see you becoming a gardener, Gabe.” Gabriel Tattershall looked up from the rose bush he had been attempting to dead-head, and groaned. A beautiful dark-haired woman in a pale green dress was walking across the grass, a dark green shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She did look a pretty picture, but […]

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