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The Princess Search – Melanie Cellier

I didn’t need the tinkling of the bell above the door to tell me someone had entered my shop. For all she was only fifteen, Princess Celine knew how to make an entrance. I hurried to put down my work and greet her while my mind rushed to deal with the problem presented by her […]

A Tale of Beauty and Beast – Melanie Cellier

I had been riding all day, and the sun was now starting to set in spectacular streaks of red and orange across the plains. But still I pressed on, too afraid to stop. A howl rose above the sound of the wind, and I shivered from more than just the cold. Did that call sound […]

A Dream of Ebony and White – Melanie Cellier

Skin as white as snow. Lips as red as blood. Hair as black as ebony. I stared at myself in the mirror. It was no wonder my father had given me the name Blanche. Or that my friends called me Snow—and envied the perfect, symmetrical features that I had apparently inherited from my mother. The […]

A Crown of Snow and Ice – Melanie Cellier

Igrumbled under my breath as the carriage bumped over a particularly large hole in the road. Prince Oliver’s chestnut stallion flashed past the window, and I directed my ire toward him, although I lowered my voice even further so as not to be overheard by the other passengers. I would have been riding too, if […]

A Captive of Wing and Feather – Melanie Cellier

An air of excitement hung over the town. A newcomer might not have noticed it, but I could feel it like a palpable presence around me. I’d spent enough time in Brylee over the past five years to recognize its moods. I glanced longingly at the various small knots of townsfolk talking on street corners […]

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